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Types of Recreational Underwater Diving

Recreational diving or sport diving is a type of diving that uses SCUBA devices for the purpose of leisure as well as pleasure. There are several sorts of diving and also Philippines is honored to have the wonderful locations for mostly all of them. They are:

Cavern diving– diving within the entry of a cave, where light is still noticeable.
Cave diving– when extra expert as well as experienced scuba divers go extra yards past the cavern and also much deeper into the cave.

Deep diving– diving between 100 feet (30 meters) and 140 feet (40 meters). Deep diving journeys are not like your normal diving experiences that concentrate on water life and coral reefs. Deep dives normally include checking out some old wreckage from a sunken ship or possibly a rare species of aquatic life that is just found in the deeper water. Because of the depths involved, deep diving can be hazardous if the dive is not correctly arranged so appropriate preparation has to occur before leaving the watercraft. Decompression quits are extremely crucial when returning to the surface from a deep diving journey and also a back-up cyndrical tube and also regulator under the boat are an excellent concept for additional security.

Night diving– diving and also seeing totally different sea animals and also doubt night.
Wreck diving– diving to see wrecks of watercrafts and also ships, submarines, vehicles, as well as aircrafts.

Drift diving– diving as if you are being carried away by the currents and also having a sense of flying underwater. Just like whatever in life the positives of drift diving likewise included some threats and so joining drift diving needs a high degree of scuba diving experience. Underwater currents are usually unpredictable which includes an added level of threat to drift diving. Being lugged or moved along by the present means your instructions might not constantly be under your control so it is really crucial that scuba divers have great buoyancy abilities to assist make certain safe handling.

Underwater naturalism– diving to clinically find out, observe, and also categorize animals in the aquatic world, such as vertebrates, invertebrates, as well as plants.

Altitude diving– diving underwater where surface area is 1000 feet (300meters) or even more over water level, such as diving in a hill lake.

Nitrox diving– diving with nitrox or enriched air, which incorporates nitrogen and oxygen that allows divers to stay longer underwater.